My name is Ahlam Gholami. I am born and raised in Montreal. I am an artist of film and theatre. I love performing. I remember when I was a little girl, I used to tell crazy and absurd stories to my little brother and sister. I loved it when I felt that I had there attention. Growing up, my favorite activity was to sing and dance in front of the camera that my dad would hold. At this moment, I am interested by many things. I like reading, singing, writing and dancing but what I am most passionate and curious about is acting. The first time I went on stage was for a Improvisation Comedy Show. I went on stage as a volunteer. The moment that I started playing, I felt something so special. I was in the moment. It was like what was surrounding me didn’t exist anymore. I wasn’t think. I felt this fire in me. From that moment my interest grew stronger and stronger everyday. 

This september 2019, I will start studying theatre at L’École Supérieur de de Théâtre de l’UQAM. I am canadian persian artist who speaks fluently English, French and Farsi. I live in world where I love creating. Growing up with two different culture made me go through ups and downs. I have so many stories in me that I would love to share. I hope I would help someone out of what I created. I want to tell stories so that people who don’t have a voice can be heard. I wish that the power of my voice can create a change in our society for the better. I want touch and be touched by people. As I believe all creation are a collaboration.

When people ask me why am I so charmed by performing for theatre and cinema. I have a hard time answering that question but I will try. When I act, everything happens in the moment. I use no filter to tell a story. And everytime I play, it is always unique and non-repetitive. I love taking risks and making decision that will make everyone happy. I love acting because it is a  chance for me to connect with an audience. Even more, I feel like acting is a way of healing.

Thank you for reading me.